Crayon Audio: Authenticity in sound – Elegance in design

We love the whole range and possibilities of music. It guides our way, and using our experience we design the most advanced amplifiers possible. We test, analyze and develop to ensure the best possible audio experience. Thats something you can see. And that’s something you can hear.

We add sound to space

Crayon amplifiers let you experience the real live situation. Every small nuance of microphone information is played back, thanks to our close to lossless signal processing (see chapter „spatial compression“). This lets live-recordings and high quality studio productions shine in a special light.

Crayon audio devices are colorful in sound and let you hear the whole spectrum. Sound itself is not enough though. The total sum between design, sense of touch and haptics should be combined to create complete satisfaction.

Crayon Audio: Elegance in design

We build devices with unique sound, outstanding design and user experience. Our devices evolve steadily, with design following function to create satisfaction in terms of sound, usability and visual aspects.


Research and production

Coming from the wish to create outstanding products, we assemble all our products in Austria and Germany. Boards are produced and finalised in Germany, everything else in Austria.

Quality isn’t negotiable – and you can hear the difference!

All Crayon amplifiers are mostly handmade and go through extensive testing procedures before leaving our high end production facilities.

Handmade with love 

While producing our high quality amplifiers we also keep on developing, enhancing and refining our products.