Spatial Compression

During our research we found a field we called „spatial compression“ (a Crayon-intern label only). We were listening to an opera from CD, recorded live in a church. Using highest resolution available we didnt only find out that it had indeed been recorded in a church, but also to track the movement of singers and the orientation of heads to each other.

After reducing the resolution of the CD player from 176.4 to 44.1 we could still hear a little three-dimensionality – the micro-information was gone though. After using a specifically trimmed NF cable to connect CD-player and amplifier, the singers were completely separated from their surrounding three dimensional structures.

This leads to a few main aspects of compression: 

  • Datacompression reduces space used to store data, dynamic compression increases loudness, but theres a third aspect: spatial compression, which reduces microinformation neccessary to describe sources of sound.
  • Each compression is distorion and does not equal the original
  • Each compression is irreversible, once information has been lost it cannot be restored. Especially when it comes to recording information.
  • This leads to another chain model: each piece of the chain has to have the same quality. A single cinch-plug can reduce the quality of the whole chain.
  • No piece of the transmission chain is more important than the other.
  • A integrated amplifier handles the most complex tasts in this chain, thus having the highest claims when it comes to construction and design.
  • Errors in this chain sum up, and each piece of information that gets lost is lost irreversibly.
  • We created such a chain in our listening room, starting from self recorded music (Natter Records) over CD-player-prototypes, cable prototypes, amplifiers and speaker protoypes.

Each new product must succesfully perform in this chain, without losing its individual character!

And even though our own claims when it comes to technology pretty much force us to create unusual and creative solutions for high-end usage, we do not build devices simply for technology fans. We build our devices for each and everyone that loves to listen to music.