The CFA 1.2 is a stereo full amplifier with three linear inputs and one Phono input.


The CFA-1.2´s unmistakable casing is made of CNC milled Aluminum, chemically shone anodized Aluminum, CNC milled buttons with Teflon guide tracks and CNC milled feet featuring special synthetic inlays, with optional stainless steel spikes.
The heat sink and casing are thermically decoupled, making higher interior temperatures possible.
Style wise our main influence is Bauhaus, straight lined, form following function, simple and plain design.

Power adapter

Crayon is using switching power supplies, both because of their high degree of efficiency and their exactness, with input and output being thoroughly decoupled. All modules are equipped with special capacitors, the switching power supply being used to charge them.

Circuit and construction

The circuit board is a 6 multilayer-design, a 3D system for conductor tracks with maximized shielding and linearized energy propagation. This way we can ensure the shortest possible tracks. State-of-the-art circuit board technologies like broadband Dirk decoupling of supply voltages up to 1 GHz ensure extremely high electrical stability along with minimal electromagnetic interference coupling.

The output stage is implemented by a bridge amplifier, meaning the loudspeakers are connected between two output stages. The fact that this design is superior justifies the high effort of using 4 output stages.

Channel switching and volume can be adjusted by buttons or remote control. Via the menu (pressing both left buttons at the same time) setup can be accessed where various adjustments can be made, as well as switching between volume displayed as a bar or number.

Balance, bass and treble

As a special feature, the application points of software loudness can be adjusted by entering the speaker efficiency. This guarantees continuous volume flow without creating a step-like behavior.
Each inputs amplification can be adjusted in 2dB steps, according to the loudest source (CD Player, DAC, tuner, record player, etc.) or loudest input.

The CIA and CFA phono amplifier feature a MM capable current input. Even though adapting input resistance isn´t necessary 99% of the time, its still possible.

All inputs are decoupled using current compensated chokes. This type of broadband chokes dampen symmetric HF-signals from 1MHz up to >300MHz without influencing the (asymmetric) input signal. This also leads to the RCA jacks ground being HF decoupled as well.

Our units are available in standard aluminium or timeless elegant black.

All amplifiers are developed in-house.

Case made of massive milled aluminium parts
Speaker Output 2×90 Watts / 4 Ohms
(2×64 Watts / 8 Ohms)
3 Line Inputs, 1 Phono Input, 1 Record Output, 1 controlled Output
Ergonomic Remote Control
Lamellar Heatsink Design for optimal cooling characteristics
Input Amplification adjustable
Phono Input for MC / MM
Loudness: on/off
Loudness Starting Points adjustable to Speaker Efficiency
LCD Volume Display, either dB Value or Bar Display
Remote Control: „Crayon RC5“ or „Bent Audio Remote“

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